BRM_BROWNRIGG_ICONS_DRAFT-05_BIGGERWholesalers have different business needs than retail and other industries. The operations of a wholesaler may require certain extensions that may not otherwise be available on a standard insurance policy. Contents “on-site” may be primarily owned by others while many standard forms limit the contents for property of others to $10,000 or $25,000.


Extensions of coverage that should be considered by this industry:

  • Blanket Broad form Vendors
  • Brands and Labels Coverage
  • Personal Property of Others
  • Business Personal Property off premises
  • Business Personal Property in transit

Many wholesalers are also providing sub-assembly, sequencing, installation, repacking, re-labeling, repair or service work; therefore, reviewing opportunities to classify your business based upon actual processes becomes important in terms of attaining the most favorable rating.

Contact us.  We will help you make sure your property and the property owned by others in your facility are properly insured with the best coverage options.