Special Event Insurance Coverage While Serving Liquor

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Having a special event this holiday season and serving liquor?
The holiday season is the best time for holiday parties, celebrations, fundraisers, and more. If you are planning a special event at a Michigan location in which beer, wine or liquor will be served – you may need a Michigan Special Event Liquor Bond, also known as a Michigan One Day Liquor Bond.

The following conditions require a Liquor Bond:
  • You provide a cash bar at the special event or benefit performance
  • You have an open bar or otherwise provide alcohol and ask for a donation
  • You include alcohol in the price of admission
If you need a one day liquor bond you will need to secure Liquor Liability or confirm that your current insurance company will accept the event with beer, wine or spirits. Please contact us at 1-800-397-5580 for more information or contact your insurance agent.

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