Brownrigg Companies Celebrating 2nd Annual Health and Wellness Month with Employee Team Challenge

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TROY, MI – The games have begun at Brownrigg Companies LTD with a four-week team health and wellness challenge that started on Monday, March 3rd as two office teams, Detroit versus Troy, battle it out for the winning title.

The health and wellness challenge, which some employees have dubbed the ‘Brownrigg Hunger Games’, consists of a different challenge theme every week with six activities that employees can complete for points.  Bonus points are also being given for key activities employees accomplish like scheduling an annual health screening.

The team with the most points at the end of the games wins the 2014 Anchored in Health & Wellness title while the losing team cleans up the closing ceremony luncheon. One individual with the overall most points will also be awarded a prize donated by Brownrigg Companies LTD.

“We initiated this annual program to bring health and wellness awareness into the workplace and encourage our employees to stay healthy. Healthy employees are also happy employees,” said Nancy L. Brownrigg, founder and CEO of Brownrigg Companies LTD.

The agency is celebrating its second year of March Health and Wellness Month, which coincides with National Nutrition Month. Last year, the agency held a contest called March-ing Madness wherein employees were given pedometers to challenge who could take the most steps in March.

The challenge ends on March 28, 2014 and the winners will be announced during an office luncheon the following week. Follow team updates and Brownrigg Companies LTD news on Twitter at @Brownrigg_LTD.

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